Wrigleyville, Chicago

The Rizzo Family History


Since 1946

The Rizzo family has a long history in Chicago dating back to 1946 at a time when Wrigleyville was unrecognizable from what we all know and love today. The neighborhood has grown a lot since 1946 and the Rizzos have grown right alongside it starting at the very top, with Vincent Angelo Rizzo.

Italian Immigrants From Sicily

The Rizzo family business began with Vincent Angelo Rizzo, the son of Vincent Rizzo; an Italian immigrant from Sicily. Cubs Park Service Station (CPSS) started as a Mobile Oil Gas Station with an adjoining Auto Repair Shop & Car Wash. As the community around Lakeview developed, so did our business. CPSS began parking for Cubs & Bears games for fans & players alike. Legends like Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Glen Beckert, Dallas Green, Fergie Jenkins, Joe Amalfitano, Bob Will, Jim Fry & Lou Canela were not just regulars, they were friends. This turned the neighborhood parking lot into a hangout for the Rizzo’s and their constituency. Cousins, uncles, and friends all worked at the lot throughout the course of 4 generations.

Rizzo's Bar & Inn

Rizzo’s Bar & Inn

Our family has worked from the ground up to open Rizzo’s Bar & Inn. The restaurant pays homage to the history of Wrigleyville through the eyes of the family. We invite you to follow our journey through featured photographic memoirs, classic ballpark fare and Rizzo family recipes, as well as an old-fashioned standard of service that will stand apart as a neighborhood institution.

Rizzo Family Pictures

Rizzo's Bar And Inn
Rizzo's Bar And Inn
Rizzo's Bar And Inn
Rizzo's Bar And Inn